Have You Discovered The World Of Imdalind?

“Kiss of Fire is interesting and intense, and the relationships {are} beautiful”

– USA Today Happily Ever After Blog

“You NEED to read this series” – Book Briefs

The Imdalind Series exploded onto the Book Scene in January 2013 with ‘Kiss of Fire’ The First Book in this Amazing series. Since it’s debut Kiss of Fire has been featured on several Amazon Top 100 lists, with several features in the Amazon Top 100 overall. With over 3,000 five star reviews you Do Not want to miss this series.

“I can’t say enough good things about this series.” The Book Asylum

“Brilliant, just brilliant.” – Imagine a World



contact@rebeccaethington.comHave You Discovered The World Of Imdalind?

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  1. Ashlee O'Berry

    I love the series so much I named my dog after Ryland.

    This is a great love and suspence story. I think everyone should read this series.

    I would like to thank Rebecca for making such a great series, and I support the Kiss of Fire Movie Project!!!!

  2. Cristel

    I haven’t read a book that is so beautifully written in a very long time. An awesome read! I fell in love with all the characters. When will Wny’s book be out? (Wink. Wink.) I think that this would be a better t.v. show than a movie. Throw in the producer (s) and writers from The Walking Dead and the genius make up/creature creator of Pan ‘ s Labyrinth. EPIC!!!!!!!

  3. keisha

    just finished kiss of fire it was an awesome book it took me 3 days to read it I can’t wait till I read the second.

  4. Grace

    This series is one of the best series I’ve ever read! And I’m sure if there are any movies my friends and I will be dying to see them! This series is truly amazing!!! And the author truly geneious!

  5. Dianna Osgood

    I really love the series imdalind and anxiously waiting for the final dawn on ashes If this was a movies I know a number of people including
    My self that would see the movie s

  6. Eva Marroquin

    I can’t put into words how much I’ve enjoyed this series thus far. I only hope that if and when this movie is made it can live up to the intense and magical world.

  7. Samantha

    This series is addictive! I haven’t read anything this mesmerizing since twilight and yet this may surpass that. The whole story is new and fresh, nothing like anything I have read before and I read more than most. I would love to see these books turned into feature films!!!!

  8. Aisha

    I love this series! It took me to this wonderful world I wish it was real! The characters are awesome, I love Island and his love and devotion! I couldn’t put these books down!

  9. Selena Sellers

    This series is awesome! I’ve read all the books. So cool. Seriously. When is the next book coming out? I wanna read it.

  10. Esmeralda Alvarez

    I just finished kiss of fire yesterday, and now I am hooked on the series ! I’m waiting on my paycheck to buy the rest of the books. I absolutely love the book! It was so… Phenomenal! I’m already on the edge just wondering what will happen next !

  11. Pamela O'Neill

    Awesome book series. Can’t wait for last one hoping it’s not the last one. I have fallen in love with all the characters….I just want more.

  12. sarah

    I LOVE this series!! It’s been the best so far! I hope there is a movie!!!! Rebecca has an awesome imagination and im very grateful that she has shared it with the world!!

  13. Jamie Conner

    I have read all of the Imalind series except the last book and so far it is an excellent series. I pray that the movie deosn’t cut out any of the characters because they are all important to the story line. If done right I would sit through this movie even if the books were broken down to 3 hour movies. Love it!

  14. Camille Finney

    Absolutely love this series. Have just finished for the second time. Waiting for Dawn of Ash to be released!!!

  15. Julia

    I love these books! they are amazing. I like how the magic isn’t the normal fairy tale magic. The tension between characters is perfectly written out.

  16. Julie Smith

    Loved the first book so much plan to read the entire series with my teenage daughter, together. I have to wait for her to catch up so we can do a 2 person book club & discuss story as we go. She is very excited! Adding the movies to the books will only make it better.

  17. Dawn Love

    This is the first series since Twilight, that have made my senses come alive! I felt every pain, every joy every thrill straight down to the bottom of my heart ! I would love it too much, if movies were made like this! I support the making of any movie of this series, full 100%! I ache to see the characters come alive on screen! I honestly believe this will surpass Twilight by far!!!

  18. lucy jane

    Loved these books so much I found myself always reading. Can’t wait for the final book! Should defiantly make a movie of this! It would be epic :)

  19. Jennifer Moroughan

    It was awesome,made me laugh, cry, and feel for all the important characters. It would make a great movie series!!

  20. shantal gordon

    I feel in love with book one and I’ve been reading non stop. On book 5 now and I don’t want it to end. I can soooo see this as a movie because it was practically already a movie in my head while I read. #makethemovie #kissoffire #imdalind #Ilyang #jos #ryland #chosenchild #silny

  21. Jessica

    As I read this series I could envision the scenes, and the people who would be ideal for the roles of the characters. Please make this a movie! It would be as big a hit as Twilight saga and Harry Potter!

  22. Quincey Hess

    The Imdalind series is one of the best set of books out there, and I would know i’m a book junkie. Seeing this series in movie form would be the highlight of my year.

  23. Chels

    These books are amazing!! The plot twists and the drama in these books would make great movies, they would definitely catch everyones attention. I really hope they make these books into movies, I’m sure tons of people would go watch them

  24. TLC

    I love this series. I thought at first it was going to be another “Twilight” series but this is better. Can’t wait to see the movie.

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